Seattle, an ole to my hometown.

So, what is a town without its soul.

It easy to live in a bubble, where everything is okay. Where the distraction of work, disallows my mind to wonder to the trials of what is happening around me.

The soul of Seattle, my home, is feeling more faint than ever.

No matter how you look at things, it’s clear that Seattle from the 90’s (of which I was firmly planted), is no longer. For better or worse, Seattle has grown to be unrecognizable.

Gone are the Twin Teepees that was an anchor on Highway 99. Gone is the Battery Street Tunnel, the gateway to the viaduct (and the viaduct itself). Gone is the Pink Elephant, the Hurricane, Woolworths, Fredrick and Nelson, The Bon Marche, The Seattle Center Flag Pavilion, and those iconic Waterfront Trolleys.

Do I miss them, yes.

For the plain and simple reason that it reminds me of a different time in Seattle. Where things felt safer, kinder, more easy going. It’s summer now, and when I was a kiddo, it was all about Seafair. Hydroplanes, fireworks at 4th of July-Ivars… did you know there was once a Fireworks show at Greenlake?

So as a local, who works for a local company, I am sad when I see my city turn from the innocence of itself, to where things seems so upside down. I will claim this city as my own, because I was born on Capital Hill, raised in Greenwood, and now living near Carkeek Park.

Today, the city has given up on itself. Instead of folks taking care of each other, it’s a cold shoulder now. The sheer disrespect of norms bothers me, what respect we had for those in leadership is muddled by extemes. As I look to write more about what I see about my home, my hometown, my life as a born Seattleite, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe as a community, we can get there.



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